Frequently Asked Questions

We've pulled together some of the most common questions we get asked in order to help you with your logistics projects.

Frequently Asked Questions For Australia and New Zealand

Where does Americold have Facilities?

Visit our Facilities page to see our latest locations.

How can I buy or sell shares of Americold?

Americold common stock can be purchased on the open market through any registered broker.

What are the benefits of operating as a real estate investment trust (REIT)?

What Is a Real Estate Investment Trust? The United States of America Congress established real estate investment trusts (REITs) in 1960 as an amendment to the Cigar Excise Tax Extension of 1960. The provision allows individual investors to buy shares in commercial real estate portfolios that receive income from a variety of properties.

A company that qualifies as a REIT generally is permitted to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from its taxable income, which reduces the amount ofUnited States of America (USA) corporate-level tax the REIT is required to pay. As a result, and to comply with certain (USA) distribution requirements applicable to REITs, most REITs distribute at least 100% of their taxable income to stockholders and, therefore, do not pay USA federal corporate-level taxes in most circumstances.

Most USA states follow this USA federal tax treatment and allow REITs to deduct dividends paid to stockholders from their taxable income for USA state tax purposes. Certain REIT subsidiaries, however, are fully subject to their respective Country / federal and or state corporate-level income taxes, such as Australian Managed Investment Trusts (MIT).

How do I register for an i-3PL account?

Americold customers can be setup with i-3PL quickly and conveniently – simply visit and select “Need to sign-up for an account” under the login window.

Where do I get training support for i-3PL?

We have a help desk available to support you – simply call 1-877 762 5457 (US Number).

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password for i-3PL, what now?

No problem, it happens to all of us. Got to and click on the appropriate link on the login form.

How do your services differ to those of an LTL carrier?

LTL carriers just don’t have the order density needed to drive consistent, scheduled services without break-bulking along the way. You’ll often see delivery windows instead of the dependable sailing schedules we offer.

How are you able to claim such cost savings for Transportation?

We already have the program density that dependable carriers are looking for, so we’re able to negotiate favorable rates and pass the savings on.

How do you control the quality of the Carriers you partner with?

We have a tried-and-tested performance review processes, and not every Carrier is able to exceed our stringent requirements for performance, dependability, connect-ability, or fleet condition. Even with the driver shortage we’re seeing now, we won’t let our standards drop.

Where is Americold located?

Our Australian Support Center (ASC) is located at 560 Reservoir Rd, Prospect NSW 2148. In addition, we have business development and operations offices located around the globe. Visit our Facilities page for more information and an interactive map.

What is Americold’s stock symbol and on which exchange is the stock traded?

Our symbol is COLD and our stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

What Does Americold provide for inventory visibility?

Americold’s i-3PL Supply Chain Control portal offers unmatched visibility into your inventory while it’s within the Americold network. It offers 24/7 online access, dashboards with real-time reporting, event management with email alerts, order management, track and trace functionality, and performance metrics. And all from any web-enabled, smart device.

Does Americold lease or own its facilities?

Americold primarily owns its facilities, though in some cases Americold provides staff for customer-owned facilities or leases buildings if that’s a better fit for a specific program or location. Learn more about our sites on our Facilities page.

Does Americold perform system integration with its customers?

Yes, Americold can integrate its supply chain management systems with a customer’s ERP system, allowing for a seamless and timely flow of information. Please visit our Integrations page for more information. We also offer a solution called i-3PL, if full systems integration is not yet for you.

Can Americold manage a pallet provider program for its customers?

Yes, Americold can manage your pallet program for both inbound and outbound pallets as well as provide weekly reconciliation with the pallet provider team.

What ancillary/value-added services does Americold provide?

Americold offers a full range of ancillary/value-added services for its customers – the following are just a few examples: manifesting/take weights, slatting & de-slatting, manual order entry, case and each picking, aisle-ready pallet preparation, date stamping, light processing, blast freezing, and tempering. Discover more by clicking here . We can develop new processes and services to compliment your products as well – you have only to ask.

Will Americold perform Outbound Labeling for its customers?

Yes, absolutely. Americold can perform outbound labeling and many other value-added services for its customers.

What is Americold’s continuous improvement methodology?

The Americold Operating System (AOS) is how Americold drives improvement throughout our organisation. Such areas include: Work Place Safety, Food Safety, Direct Labour Productivity, Energy Reduction/Cost Control, & Facility Maintenance.

How quickly can Americold provide space at a last minute’s notice?

Americold strives to be flexible to our customers’ needs and to respond quickly. Each request for space is evaluated on a case-by-case basis with consideration to the amount of space required, suitability of product to an existing building, and that building’s occupancy rate. Typically, if we don’t have space in a primary site choice, then we can offer an alternative close by. Contact us for more information.

How does Americold ensure food safety in its facilities?

Food Safety and product integrity is a critical component in how we support our customers. Americold complies with regulations from our customers as well as state and federal requirements, with our sites audited regularly to ensure compliance to all mandatory standards. To provide oversight within the company, Americold employs a Regional Food Safety expert who provides the framework and enforces compliance across the ANZ network, this position is further supported by Lead Auditors across our business who complete internal audits in accordance with customer and corporate requirements. Our food safety program is enhanced by our third party external audit program, with our sites maintaining accreditations including SQF, WSEP, YUM and various import / export programs across the ANZ region. For further information, please visit Safehold – Document Portal / Food Safety.

How do I know if my business could benefit from automation?

Our in-house supply chain engineers and architects are industry experts in all forms of automated design. We have full-line facility design capabilities, competitive with any paid consulting firm, and the full process is in-house: Design, Build, Operate. We have extensive experience in rationalisation of technologies through data analysis, design alternative evaluation, supplier selection, and business case assessment.

What types of automation does Americold use?

Americold strives to deploy only the most appropriate types and amounts of automation given the circumstances – we don’t automate for automation’s sake. Because of this philosophy, we have a number of different technologies in use today and in our plans for the future. Semi-automated systems, such as pallet shuttles operating in deep storage racking and forklift-attached layer pickers, are used in addition to highly automated systems such as pallet load Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, robotic layer pickers, pallet mono-rails, and case buffer/sequencing technologies with robotic palletisation. All are designed to the specifications we require and, of course, to operate in our temperature-controlled environments.

What’s the difference between a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a Warehouse Execution System (WES)?

Warehouse Management Systems manage common operations such as inventory control, customer orders, and auditing whereas Warehouse Execution Systems are typical in facilities with moderate-to-heavy levels of automation. The WES generally interfaces with the WMS to organise and optimise the flow of work required to assemble and ship orders. In addition, the WES interfaces with the automation controls to execute the work – it’s the WES that controls the robots!

I was not hired for a specific job. Will I be considered for other jobs at Americold in the future?

We would be very happy to consider your application again. To show your interest in a specific role and make sure your profile is considered, submit a separate application for each role you are interested in via our Employment Opportunities.

I want to work at Americold. How do I find out what job opportunities are available?

All job openings open at Americold are listed Candidates have the option of refining their search based on job function, location, or keywords.

What’s the best way to contact a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Americold?

To ensure your application reaches the right person, it has to be linked to a specific job opening via our Job Search section. Therefore, it’s best to apply to a specific role with your CV/resume. A recruiter will then contact you if your profile is assessed as a potential fit for this role.

Do you have a contact or email address where I can send my CV/Resume?

To ensure fairness and legal compliance in our recruitment process, we only accept CV/resumes that are sent when applying to a specific position on We do not review or respond to unsolicited resume submission via email.

How many sites does Americold have?

Americold owns and operates hundreds of sites around the world – see our updated map and list of locations here.

How do I apply to be a carrier for Americold

If you can uphold the extremely high service standards we expect for our customers, then we’d like to talk with you. The first step is to apply through our online form on our Contact Us page.

What are some of Americold’s newest technology innovations that I could benefit from?

Americold’s IT infrastructure is second to none – we work with top-tier providers who specialise in supply chain systems to ensure we’re at the forefront of what’s available.

Our WMSs are the brains behind inventory management, planning, and electronically building order instructions for our Associates and systems to fulfill. You’re able to customise pallet builds so orders are loaded sequentially for ease of use at the destination, be it a distribution center or an aisle in a grocery store.

We can even support your pallet management program within our systems if you have one.

Our WMSs work through Warehouse Execution Systems to control multiple solutions, such as Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles, pallet moles, pallet transportation systems, lifts, and pallet wrapping and labeling equipment.

With our linked facility network, we’re able to provide visibility to all of your inventory, no matter where it is across our network. And we’ve streamlined our truck appointment process by introducing Online Appointment Scheduling through i-3PL.

Americold’s Warehouse Management Systems are fully integrated, meaning that you have complete control of you supply chain and inventory through our i-3PL system. Access it on any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Reach out to us if you’d like to know more information and a system demonstration.

How does Americold protect its customer data?

Firstly, we have very little need to share customer data, and only then share only what’s necessary. We classify our customers’ data as confidential and add additional layers of security and monitoring to warrant adequate protections over that proprietary information. The full details of our security protocols are not made public.

How can Americold minimise transition risk and launch disruption?

Our Program Management Office (PMO) includes experts in operations, engineering, construction, and refrigeration. We build or retrofit proven solutions on-time, with full risk and contingency planning. Our network of warehouses enables us to create short-term storage strategies with tollgate milestones to implement a backup plan. Our rigorous methodology ensures your launch is successful through detailed ramp-up and staffing planning, multi-workstream integration, and KPI visibility and oversight.

What are some examples of controls employed by Americold warehouses to keep my food safe?

Each Americold facility follows state, federal and customer mandated requirements for documenting and implementing Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls. As food is received and shipped at our warehouses, product temperatures are collected, recorded, and verified to meet customers’ strict requirements. Trailers are inspected to ensure they are capable of maintaining food security and product integrity. During storage, cold room temperatures are monitored multiple times per day to ensure tight temperature control. Additionally, Americold facilities deploy several other food safety perquisite programs, such as allergen control to prevent allergen cross contact, cleaning and sanitation, preventive maintenance, and pest control.

What are some of the requirements of Safe Quality Food for Storage and Distribution?

SQF maintains a web page that provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the food safety programs, training opportunities, and detailed requirements: The Code for Storage and Distribution can be found on Safehold within the Document Portal under Food Safety – Standards. Within this tab, you will also find other supporting information including guidelines and standards for our customers and the Cold Chain Guidelines. For further information, please liaise with your site Safety Representative who will assist with any enquiries.

Can I receive a copy of the audit report for the warehouse storing my products?

Absolutely – Americold is happy to share food safety audit results with its customers. Please contact your Americold facility’s General Manager.

Where can I find T&C/terms and conditions documentation?

We’ve listed our terms & conditions documents on our Customer Resources page.

Does Americold accept RFP/RFI submissions?

Absolutely! We have a team dedicated to reviewing requests and working with current and new customers on solution development. Please submit requests either through your Account Manager or to

How do Americold’s operations continue to provide service if there is a system failure?

Complete system failures are extremely rare events and we’re proud of our 99.99% systems availability record. This is supported by our complete backup of 100% of our files in our disaster recovery replication environment. We employ high availability disaster recovery solutions that are tested as a part of our SOX compliance to ensure systems availability and our IT infrastructure provides IT service from two separate data centers.

How does Americold ensure that its third-party vendors and suppliers comply with its data security requirements?

Americold limits the sharing of data with its suppliers and vendors, and the small number of third-parties we need to share information with are put through a rigorous vetting process that aligns with vendor security risk management best practices.

What is SQF?

The Safe Quality Food certification, SQF for short, is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program that is recognised by food producers, retailers, foodservice providers, and quick service restaurant service providers around the world. It is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognised food safety and quality code designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements. It encompasses all sectors of the food supply chain – from farm to fork – including Storage and Distribution.

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To contact Americold’s facilities in the Australia & New Zealand region, please visit our locations page for site telephone numbers by clicking the following link: Locations Page