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An entire facility dedicated to you. Customer-dedicated temperature-controlled warehouses guarantee available capacity for your storage requirements when you need it. And we can tailor the value-add processes taking place inside, too. Make your products work while in storage.

Around The Corner or Across The Country

Americold has integrated locations around the globe – we’re where you need us now and where you will need us as you continue to grow. Find your nearest Americold location and browse a full list of facilities using our map below.

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Americold is excited to enter into a new strategic joint venture with SuperFrio, one of Brazil’s leading temperature-controlled logistics operators.

Based in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, SuperFrio offers customers a full menu of supply chain solutions to complement Americold’s global supply chain offering.


Move-in Ready

Our facilities are in the right locations and have the capacity and versatility to suit your needs, empowering you to make the best decisions for your business and growth plans. You can move in to one of our current facilities or partner with us and have us Design, Build, and Operate a facility specifically for you.

Facility Features For Food Producers and Retailers

Production-Attached Facilities

Having a production plant-attached or plant-advantaged facility is the fastest way to have product enter the temperature-controlled supply chain, significantly reducing transportation costs. Allow us to design a facility on land adjacent to your production site, and we’ll demonstrate the considerable advantages.

Multiple Temperature Zones

Our facilities have different temperature rooms to suit the requirements of your product.

Drop Lots

We offer trailer parking for more convenient loading and unloading scheduling.

Food Processing Rooms

We offer space for light processing of products or food prep. Bring in your own team or use ours.

Bulk and Racked Storage

Whether you have palletised or product in totes, drums, or sacks, we can accommodate it all.

Warehouse Automation and Robotics

Enhance service cycles and order accuracy with automation and robotics.

Ice Cream-Capable

Not just cold, but ice-cream cold. -25ºC Temperatures to maintain product consistency.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Convenient, time-saving advantages of the Internet Of Things. No need to wait for call-backs or send faxes – block your truck appointments online on your time, 24/7 through our i-3PL portal.

Seasonal and Additional Capacity Support

When seasonal demand spikes and shifts in consumer habits tax your current capabilities, Americold can absorb those pressures and needs with, cross-dock velocity, overflow capacity, and reserve stock peace of mind programs. We partner with you to ensure you have the space and value added services to outpace your competitors and honor your commitments to your customers.


Our facilities have the capacity to accommodate your products that are subject to import and export. We can arrange seals intact inspections, hold products in dedicated quarantine locations and support your export needs.

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Ready To Get Started?

To contact Americold’s facilities in the Australia & New Zealand region, please visit our locations page for site telephone numbers by clicking the following link: Locations Page