Protein Processing
& Packaging Services

With locations in every protein harvesting and processing region, we offer customized solutions to support your temperature-controlled supply chain.

Our Protein Processing Capabilities

Our strategically located facilities are dedicated to customized meat and poultry processing and packaging, providing you with the flexibility and expertise to bring meat products to market.

Americold’s Farmers’ Produce facilities, located in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas, are purpose-built to ensure an unbroken cold chain and strict adherence to industry best practices. If you need repacking, blast freezing, export support, consolidation, or even air or water tempering services, then we’re here to help.

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Some of the biggest names in the industry trust Americold because of our commitment to excellence and our focus on their success.

Americold's USDA Approved Protein Processing

Located in all of the major protein harvesting centers, Americold’s protein processing facilities offer a full range of value-added services to prepare, pack, box, freeze, store, and distribute proteins throughout our network or directly to your customers.

Protein Processing Services


FDA Approved

Sites carry FDA approval.

Reverse Logistics/Store Returns

We can coordinate store-returned materials for your convenience.


Store products in a frozen state to prolong shelf life. Then take advantage of our tempering and date-coding activities to return product back to customer-specific temperature ranges with maximum possible use-by criteria.


Protein Proves Popular

Total meat consumption per capita in the United States has steadily increased over the past five decades, while chicken consumption has more than doubled, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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